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The Set-Body wash & Bold Shampoo

Bold Awakening Body wash $14.95

Body wash & Bold Shampoo Club Price

Never worry about your shower and bathroom products ever again! New Man Revolution delivers the best quality men’s products, like men’s shampoo, body wash and shave butter, right to your door. You can subscribe and receive discounts and other awesome perks or make one-time purchases. We provide the absolute best quality, essential oil infused men’s products at a price that still makes sense. As soon as you pop the top on NMR’s products the bold essential oils and quality of our ingredients will immediately reduce stress and create the refuge that you need.

We created NMR after we returned from a combat deployment and realized that guys fight battles for a more fulfilling personal and professional life, everyday, so why not use products that support your mission? With scents like peppermint-citrus and eucalyptus-spearmint, New Man Revolution is your daily reminder that being healthy is manly and that every shower can bring you a little closer to an even more badass version of yourself. Proceeds help support veterans and first responder foundations. Go out there and crush it!

–Dale, Ryan, Eric

New Man Revolution was the missing part of my hygiene routine…


The bold shampoo is wonderful! It’s unlike any other men’s shampoos…