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Hey guys! I wanted to give a quick run down of our 3 focuses. I developed these focuses while traveling the world as a pilot. The first is:

Go on an adventure. This is pretty self explanatory but essential. If we don’t feel a sense of adventure everyday, something is wrong. This can be something small like exploring a new side of town with a buddy. Or it can be something huge like hiking the damn Inca trail with your lady. Either way make this happen every single day. Number two:

Change the world. Find something that you’re passionate about and go for it. We have guys contact us daily with the desire to be an NMR Ambassador. These guys believe that NMR is changing the world by giving back and by standing for the revolution that we do. Find something that makes the world a better place and go do it. Now! Princple three:

Be someone’s hero. This is one of the most fulfilling feelings there is. Whether it’s your significant other, kids, parents or someone else, do things that make them look at you in awe. Serve at a soup kitchen, hold the door open for someone. Again, this can be small or HUGE! We hope this helps inspire you to live a more fulfilled life and ultimately leave everyone you come across better than when you found them. Comment below and let us know how you put these principles into action.

Go out there and crush it!

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