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In this post we’ll discuss what it means to have a badass fighter pilot’s mindset. The reason why I added “badass” in there is because I want to talk about the mindset of the best pilots I’ve ever met. There are a lot of fighter pilots out there who can do the job but there’s something missing. The men and women I’m talking about are cooler and more likeable than the most interesting man in the world, while also being incredibly awesome at flying jets at speeds over 600 mph and winning. This is based on having a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset. A fixed mindset is when you believe you’ve arrived and that your abilities are mostly due to your talents. I’ve seen a lot of fighter pilots develop this outlook after 5-10 years of getting better and better at their job. They believe there is not a lot else to learn about their craft and especially the world outside of work. They have everything figured out so why would they want to learn about a subject where they are not an expert? On the flip side, the absolute best fighter pilots I’ve had the pleasure of working with have a growth mindset. Not only do they want to learn new and creative ways to operate a combat fighter jet but they also want to get better and better at things outside of their primary line of work. These fighter badasses are on fire for knowledge and some may learn languages, run a business, have awesome relationships, sail a sailboat, build a cabin, fly a floatplane, play music, volunteer or be a mentor for someone. The common trend I see is that these other activities set them on fire for life and when they come back to flying jets they kick even more ass than they did before. So how can you learn from these Fighter badasses? Do something outside of work that sets you on fire for life. Seriously, go do it right now! Let me know what you do to build a growth mindset in the comments below. Top rated comment gets a 50% off NMR discount code!!!

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