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“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”-John McAfee. There’s a lot of talk today about changing the world. Do you really need to “change the world” to make a difference? How about just change yourself or the people around you for the better? Make one person’s day better today and then you’ve changed your immediate surroundings. You’re going to benefit and so are they. Then who knows, maybe they do the same for someone else. At New Man Revolution we are starting a community of people that try to leave everyone better than when they met them. This starts with the small stuff. We’re all about kicking ass in our own lives so then we have the ability to help others. As an example, we make sure we’re crushing it in the gym and with nutrition before ever dreaming of giving anyone else advice. Just like we use and love our products so we can speak from a place of credibility when we recommend them to others. We think Steve Jobs may have said it best, “Things don’t need to change the world to be important.” We’re pumped that you’re a part of this community and the coolest part is that we’re all in the business of making each other a better version of ourselves. Maybe that changes the world after all? Share your thoughts below and let’s crank this community up!

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