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There I was.

I flew into Boise, ID to hang out with some friends. I wanted to have a damn good time and I wanted to create a fun experience for my friends. I loaded up my rental car with firewood. Instead of an average night, we all drank beer and told stories by a raging fire. It was awesome! The point is we have the choice to put intention behind everything we do. Especially behind the products we buy around Christmas time. NMR puts intention into your daily routine and it makes a bold statement. A bottle of NMR in your shower basically says that you are not okay with a mediocre life. So why not share that idea with someone you respect? Get them something that encourages them to become a more badass version of themselves every day. And also tell them to never buy a rental car from Boise, ID. Use code: NMRXMAS for 20% off our entire site.

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