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I had the opportunity to hang out with a guy named Marcos as he cut  my hair in a little, old fashioned barber shop in Santa Monica, CA called, Lincoln Barbers. I decided to be “old fashioned” and truly start a down to earth conversation with a dude who was, at the time, a stranger. Marcos told me that 25 years ago he was going down a path that involved crime and drugs in Mexico. Then one day his Dad asked him if would run the family barber shop in Puebla, Mexico because he had to leave for a week to take care of a sick family member. After an inner debate, Marcos accepted and worked 16 hours a day, every day. A week later, his Dad returned and Marcos handed him a fat stack of pesos from the week of work. Marcos said that he hadn’t had a prouder moment in his life up to that point. Fast forward 25 years and Marcos is now one of the leading barbers at Lincoln barber shop. Marcos said that he still sends his Mom and Dad a fat stack of bills except now it’s a much fatter stack than that day back in Puebla, Mexico. Sitting there in the barber shop I realized that being “old fashioned” and sparking an old fashioned conversation can expose you to life changing inspiration and an old fashioned appreciation for the badass people in this world. Here’s to being old fashioned, like Marcos, every chance we get. Cheers.

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