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Hey Man, here’s some of the inspiration behind New Man Revolution. Here it goes…


I Came back from a combat deployment and I had achieved my goal of serving in combat. I didn’t have any specific goals after that…I hit a rut, and I felt totally stagnant. I felt sorry for myself for about a year. Then one day, during this rut, I found myself in the shower still feeling totally sorry for myself. It was kind of a desolate place to be. I was using some chemical and cologne packed mainstream product, I could feel it irritating my skin as I was using it and it was as if everything just erupted inside me…I had enough! I decided right then that I was going to stop feeling sorry for myself and that I was going to become a more badass version of myself everyday. Also, I wanted shower products that matched this idea. I picked up my girl friend’s bottle of natural body wash and it smelled like flowers. I went to the store and I couldn’t find any products that smelled awesome, were natural based and stood for something badass. Most everything for guys was packed with harsh chemicals and was only backed by lame, shallow marketing. So I committed to making something completely new for myself and for other guys. That’s the day New Man Revolution was born. After that day, my outlook completely changed. I started to focus on becoming more valuable to other people and a year later I was selected to become a Thunderbird stunt pilot.  Something I never could have imagined while I was stuck in that rut! I’ve used New Man Revolution’s shower products ever since and everyday they remind me to strive for a more badass version of myself.  New Man Revolution has grown since then and men around America have joined in and made the pledge to never settle for mediocrity in any part of their life. New Man Revolution has found it’s tribe in guys who are relentlessly pursuing a more fulfilling personal and professional life. We hope you crush it in all aspects of your life and we hope New Man Revolution becomes your daily reminder that every shower can make you an even more badass version of yourself. Drop us a line and let us know what you’re up to. We answer every single email whether you are a customer or not. We’ve got your back and so does our body wash.


Keep crushing it, 


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