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Your average entrepreneur is a complex beast. A thick mixture of boldness, grit and creativity, blended together in a stew of elbow grease. We’re here to teach you about developing this entrepreneur mindset in our 10-episode series hosted by Ryan, written by Eric & sponsored by New Man Revolution. Let’s get started on this adventure.



Choosing the right venture and correct direction for your company is an important part of being an entrepreneur. Imagine preparing for a roadtrip without knowing where you want to drive. That would be absurd! Even if you don’t know exactly where you want to end up, you should have a general direction and idea of the landscape through which you plan to traverse. You’ll need maps, supplies, tools, and most importantly, fuel.

Today, we’ll explore two parts of this metaphorical equipment pile: Direction and Fuel. Both are as vital to travel as they are to entrepreneurship. Having only fuel and no direction will waste your time as you wander in circles and loops. While the opposite, having direction and no fuel will leave you stranded in the desert of hopelessness. You’ll be screwed either way as both are necessary for your success in achieving your goals.

Let’s hit up the motivation store to get what we need:


1: DIRECTION: Find Something That Satisfies Your Curiosity

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence.”
― Albert Einstein. Einstein, His Life & Universe.

What is something that you are intensely curious about? What is a subject that you would like to know more about? The funny thing about true curiosity is that if we keep feeding it, and learning more, we become more and more skilled about that subject without that burning desire to know going away.

Passion and desire can create something incredible that adds value to others’ lives, and curiosity helps us discover this passion within ourselves and the world around us. Don’t focus on becoming an entrepreneur because you want to become rich or famous. Satisfy a need that you see the world is lacking and fame & fortune will be heaped upon you as a side-benefit to fulfilling your life’s purpose.


2: FUEL: How Deep is Your Passion?

“I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.” 
― Winston S. Churchill, The Second World War: Alone

Now that you’ve chosen a direction towards which to head, are you passionate enough about this that you would sacrifice other important things to reach this destination? Don’t waste your time on projects that don’t interest you or merely provide a temporary satisfaction. Want it for yourself and to fuel that fire inside that keeps you going.

You will know once you have struck upon something core to yourself when you find that you’re staying up late or getting up earlier than usual with thoughts of that passion still on your mind. When you eat, sleep and breathe your dream, and every conversation turns unconsciously toward the subject of your burning desire.


In summary, both of these parts of the entrepreneur journey are equally valuable. Your direction will keep you making important decisions that continue to guide you towards your dreams. Your fuel will give you incredible amounts of drive and energy to push forward along the road. In the end, when you look back on your life, it will have been completely worthwhile.

~Stay tuned for the next piece in our Entrepreneur Mastery Series~

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This article was written by Eric. It was based on the video series by Ryan.

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