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Men can do a lot to keep from losing the hair they have. The sad truth is that men wash their perfectly good hair down the drain with shampoos that have harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. They willingly turn their scalp into a barren, desert wasteland that is incapable of supporting even the faintest signs of life. However, this isn’t guys’ fault because it’s what we’ve been told by the mainstream media to do: use a harsh chemical shampoo from a flashy bottle with humorous marketing. We get it, the huge companies have tapped into the male mind and they know that we like things that are flashy, funny and cheap. The sad part is that with this mindset, we are basically ruining the hair we have.

What can you do to change this and keep the hair that you have left happy & healthy?


1: Stimulate Your Scalp

We’ve heard some guys say they don’t use shampoo because it has chemicals in it. Awesome! We completely agree and recommend a natural alternative packed with essential oils for fragrance and a gentle coconut cleanser for cleaning. But the truth is, one of the biggest benefits of shampoo is that it gives you the opportunity to stimulate your scalp (Or have someone else do it for you!) while rubbing in that natural shampoo. This brings blood flow to your scalp and is your body’s natural version of miracle-grow for your hair.


2: Take Biotin

Biotin (Vitamin b7) is part of the Vitamin B family. It helps keratin do its job in maintaining the structural integrity of your hair follicles. This strengthens the individual hairs, giving you a full-looking head of healthy, strong hair. Studies have shown direct correlation between taking Biotin and stimulated hair growth.


3: Go Au-Natural

Use a natural shampoo that contains essential oils. Were you aware that peppermint can increase blood flow in your scalp? Or that cedarwood can actually help stimulate the hair follicles themselves? Get a natural shampoo that does the hard work that every man needs and one that bases its worth off of results instead of gimmicks like mainstream brands like Old Spice or Axe.


We got tired of using chemically-laden shampoos, so we created a company that completely rebels against the mainstream idea of rubbing harsh ingredients all over your hair and scalp. We wanted to use healthy products like natural shampoo, natural body wash and shave butter that were free of SLS, parabens, sulfates, harsh chemicals, dyes and perfumes. So we use coconut based cleansers that clean your hair and scalp without stripping them of vital nutrients. We also added in pure essential oils like cedarwood, tea tree and peppermint to give your scalp benefits like increased blood flow and stimulation of the hair follicle itself.


Thanks for reading! Now go forth and protect your hair and skin! Check out our USA-made products and use code NMR10 at checkout for an awesome discount. Also, subscribe to our lifestyle and grooming blog for the latest tips and advice on living a more fulfilling personal and professional life.

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