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The shower is a sacred place for a man. It’s a place where men can go to find complete freedom and peace. It’s a daily ritual that becomes most men’s refuge from a hectic schedule where they balance the various mental and physical demands that are placed on the modern man. From deadlines at the office to the sometimes strenuous demands from our personal life, it’s no wonder that so many men need a refuge of the highest caliber.


1: Pumice Stone

This usually overlooked shower power tool will have your feet looking beach-worthy in no time. Just grab one at any local store or this one from Amazon. Every time you shower, just even out the edges of your big toe and forefoot calluses. Pumice stones also work on your hands if you’ve developed calluses from lifting heavy objects like weights, heavy furniture or your massive balls.


2: A Washcloth (Ditch the Loofa!)

Contrary to popular advice a loofa is actually just a safe place for bacteria to harbor and then be reintroduced to your skin again and again. We realize that sometimes washing with one can make you feel cleaner but substitute a good old-fashioned washcloth instead and change it out for a clean one each time you shower.  It will give you that same feel without re-introducing harmful bacteria to your skin every time you use it. And more importantly, make sure what you’re putting on your washcloth is a high quality, natural body wash.


3: A Beautiful Woman

What Every Man Needs in His Shower

Just pulling your leg here. But go read our article on how to attract high-quality women. Who knows, you might find something there that will help you get a beautiful woman into your shower.


4: Badass Shower Products

The Best & Highest Quality

Use a natural shampoo with essential oils and an essential oil infused, natural body wash. As a fighter pilot, Ryan, our CEO knows what it’s like to have a hectic schedule and to face challenges that seem insurmountable at times. Having a refuge and place to wash away stress at the end of the day is a huge part of keeping your performance high. 

Unable to find this kind of product out in the wild commercial jungle, we created our own products that give us the absolute best shower experience on earth. New Man Revolution (NMR) products are all-natural and made right here in the USA. Natural shampoo, natural body wash, and natural shave butter are just the start of our shower collection. All of our products are formulated with pure essential oils so when the hot steam hits them, they literally turn your shower into an enclave that evokes memories of a private steam room.

Every man needs to destress at times and when we created New Man Revolution, we had this concept in mind. Our mission as veteran-owned and operated business is to give guys the best, most rejuvenating shower experience of their lives or their money back.



We hope this helps you turn your shower into the refuge that it was meant to be for you. Thanks for reading and enjoy your new private steam room retreat. Check out our USA-made products and use code NMR10 at checkout for an awesome discount. Also, subscribe to our lifestyle and grooming blog for the latest tips and advice on living a more fulfilling personal and professional life.


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