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Every man has a body wash in their shower. But is that body wash working as hard for the man as the man is working for the bodywash? Most likely not. Most men use body washes that strip their skin of natural oils and leave a dry, irritated feeling like a diaper rash in the desert.

It’s not guys’ fault though. We’ve been sold a false set of facts that basically tell us that the quality of our shower products doesn’t matter. We’re drawn in by clever advertising techniques (which, admittedly, are pretty hilarious) and sold cheap, harsh chemical filled products in flashy bottles held by hot women.

Our company, New Man Revolution, is changing the way that men see body wash and we’ve created a natural body wash scented with bold essential oils that have more power behind them than a SpaceX rocket.

These are the qualities that your body wash should have:


1: No Harsh Cleansers like SLS

Harsh Desert of Denial

Sodium lauryl sulfate is like being run over by a paint stripper being tailgated by a sandblaster. It’s harsh and caustic and will leave your skin drier than when you started and most likely very irritated. New Man Revolution uses cocamidopropyl betaine instead, which cleanses thoroughly but doesn’t rob your skin of its natural oils. This helps your skin look younger and retain elasticity, maintaining the appearance that it naturally has instead of being stripped and irritated by the caustic nasty stuff.


2: Infused with Natural Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Men

Your body wash should be infused with essential oils. Our Base Camp body wash is infused with spearmint and eucalyptus oil. Besides just smelling awesome, the spearmint oil helps clean your skin because it is actually a natural antiseptic. Eucalyptus actually has anti-inflammatory properties, making your skin feel awesome and giving a nice fresh cooling sensation. Base Camp will definitely not have any of the red inflammation that you would get from a mainstream product.


3: Has a Deeper Meaning

We Support VetDogs

There should be a deeper meaning behind the body wash that you are using everyday. New Man Revolution provides you with badass shower products but more than that, we have character, supporting charities like America’s Vet Dogs and other first responder foundations. It’s pretty badass knowing that your dollars make a difference simply by choosing to buy from companies that have a larger social mission.



So there you have it. These are the basic things that your body wash should contain. Now obviously we’re biased but we have the best body wash on the market due to the quality of our ingredients, the fact that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to purchase a bottle and our products are homegrown right here in the US. Check out our body washes here and use code NMR10 to get an awesome discount. Even if you are broke, you can still check out our badass blog which encourages us all to live a more fulfilling personal and professional life. Keep crushing it and let us know if we can help!


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