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Subscription box companies are huge right now and for good reason. Who doesn’t want incredible products on a reoccurring basis with user-friendly interfaces where products can be changed and adapted, skipped or re-ordered with the press of a button? There are a lot of boxes to choose from though, and finding one tailored specifically to the needs of a man requires a steady hand and a thorough search.

Let’s take a look at three of the best ones out there for studs like yourself:


1: New Man Revolution

NMR Delivers

New Man Revolution is the cool new kid on the block and we are completely changing the way that men think about grooming. We offer subscriptions and one-time purchases so there’s a style for every guy. We deliver essential oil infused natural shampoo, natural body wash and natural shave butter.

We also just like to have fun, so we back up our incredible products with actionable content that just makes lives better personally and professionally. New Man Revolution has also been featured on blogs like theCHIVE and Soldier Systems.

Our CEO, Ryan is a combat fighter pilot and Thunderbird pilot. Our COO Dale is a back seat F-15E “Wizzo” and our CMO, Eric is a serial entrepreneur and massage therapist.


2: Butcher Box

Butcher Box Meatsies

Vegetarians will have to sit this one out. Butcher Box provides subscribers with a plethora of awesome meats and other items. The coolest part about them is that all of their meats are from grass fed cattle. So you’re not only getting convenience, you’re also getting the best tasting meat out there with the least environmental impact. We are all in for this company and can’t think of anything cooler than getting bacon in the mail!


3: Birchbox


Birchbox is badass because they actually tailor the products you get according to your skin type. Each month you can sample different types of products for grooming. You can also hit pause on the box, just like you can with New Man Revolution. We think Birchbox is a great way to test multiple different products that you may not have been able to find otherwise.



So there you have it. The top subscription companies out there. The theme among the three is that the products in the boxes are high quality and worth your hard earned money. There are tons of subscription companies out there and if you’re just getting cheap products conveniently what have you actually accomplished? Avoid the other bullsh*t, stick with the companies on this list and you won’t be disappointed.


Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with Birchbox or Butcher Box and we receive no compensation for recommending their products. Feel free to purchase our products though, we’d love that!

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