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The veteran business world is blowing up with great companies. In fact, there are over 2.4 million veteran-owned businesses in the USA, which is roughly 9% of all businesses according to google. That means that veteran-owned businesses are pumping around $210 billion dollars a year into the economy of the United States… pretty amazing!

Let’s take a deeper look into three promising Veteran-owned companies.


1: Combat Flips Flops

Flip Flop Don't Stop

Combat Flip Flops has established themselves as a powerhouse in the Vetrepreneur space by actually manufacturing some of their products in Afghanistan. Their goal is to stabilize war-torn places with business and opportunity and they are helping to do just that in the places where they operate. They are creating flip flops, sneakers, accessories and other top of the line products that compete head to head with mainstream brands. The coolest aspect is knowing that your flip-flops are actually helping end extremism around the globe. Now that’s something that we can kick back too!


2: Black Rifle Coffee Company

Bullets and Beans

Black Rifle Coffee company has done a great job of incorporating entertaining content with a stellar product. BRCC makes any type of coffee you could imagine roasted in small batches and then shipped directly to your door. We really like the fact that BRCC has embraced their veteran roots and has creates a library of funny videos with the help of veterans like Mat Best.


1: New Man Revolution

Play me a song, NMR!

New Man Revolution is our company and it has been our passion for the last 4 years. We provide men with the absolute highest quality, natural shower, and grooming products at prices that make sense. We were inspired to create shower products with a mission after using harsh chemical filled products for 7 consecutive months on a combat deployment. We wanted products that smelled awesome, had the intention and helped give back to causes like veterans and first respondersSo we created our own company and vision.

Now, New Man Revolution provides men around the world with natural shampoo, natural body wash and natural shave butter. All of our products are infused with coconut oil, essential oils and even coffee!  We also like to have fun so we’ve put together videos and other content that is fun but also gives guys actionable tips and strategies to live their best personal and professional life. Our founder, Ryan Bodenheimer has even been featured on articles on theCHIVE for his work of running NMR while being a full-time fighter pilot and Thunderbird pilot.



Overall, veteran-owned companies are creating a revolution. Veterans are taking things we’ve learned from the military like, discipline, optimism and combining them with the reality of the challenges that businesses face. Maybe the reason veteran-owned companies are doing so well is that veterans believe at their core that failure is not an option?


Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with Black Rifle Coffee Company or Combat Flips Flops and we receive no compensation for recommending their products. Feel free to purchase our products though, we’d love that!

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