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There’s no better feeling for a heterosexual male than attracting a beautiful woman. It fuels something deeply biological that spreads down to your evolutionary roots. We’re talking about a wife of many years or your latest crush who you met last night. Either way, there’s not much more gratifying for a guy than to be around a woman that deeply desires him. It’s worth saying that the biggest benefit in bringing in high quality women is that you, yourself, will become higher quality.

There are a few ways to achieve this:


1: Become Better Every Single Day

Break free of the social gimmicks and find 2-3 specific ways to become better everyday. You will not only attract higher quality women but you will also find it easier to keep the woman happy that you do get.

Eating healthier, exercising, meditating or experiencing the great outdoors are all great ways to live life in a quality way! Our NMR tribe exists for the purpose of encouraging guys to become better versions of themselves. We work hard to build our own quality living through professional pursuits like; flying as fighter pilots, exploring entrepreneurial opportunities, and building passionate businesses.

We follow this idea personally by having fitness goals, working on self-improvement, and seeking out the highest quality women to date or hang around. You have to make a committed decision that you will never settle and that you will improve every single day.


2: Frequent Places Where High Quality Women Hang Out

This sounds simple but most guys just don’t do this. Quite a surprising number of men think that they can go to their regular bars and nightclubs and magically the right kind of woman is going to fall into their arms. This is one of the oldest mistakes in the book. In our adventures from traveling the world and experiencing our ideal state, we’ve realized that there are amazing women everywhere. If you limit yourself to bars and nightclubs you are going to miss out on opportunities to meet with the highest quality women.

Get a little uncomfortable. Expand your circle of places where you normally go and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you’ll find. Create a list of the best coffee shops in your town and over the next few weeks and visit a few during their busy times.

Pro-tip: Strike up a normal conversation with her. Those cheesy pickup lines don’t work.


3: Use Confident and Encouraging Products

We get it: nothing you buy will change who you are. That’s not our point. Put some intention into your grooming and spend your hard earned money on products that have your best interest in mind. You shouldn’t be rubbing harsh chemicals all over your man-bod. Instead, use shower and shave products that are sulfate, paraben, dye, cologne and perfume free.

In addition to the natural shampoo and body wash being better for your skin and making it look younger, it will give you an added boost of confidence that you’re part of a tribe of guys who actually know their worth. Women will definitely notice your attitude and grooming improvement. So get some New Man Revolution and up your shower game. Even if you don’t purchase anything, we still want to help you live the best life possible so feel free to check out our badass blog to live a better life.



Improving yourself, exploring new areas and using quality products will raise your status and help attract those gorgeous women that you’re seeking. Follow these steps and comment below with any other suggestions or thoughts.

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