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How do subscriptions work?

Just go to SUBSCRIBE in the main menu and pick every 2 months or every 3 months then check out. It’s really that easy. Product arrives worry free, when you need it.

What's your typical shipping time?

On average our deliveries take 3 business days. If you’re on the west coast of the United States it can be there as soon as 1-2 business days. East coast, expect 3 business days. International, usually within 6 business days but sometimes a teeny bit longer.

Are you Veteran and Firefighter owned?

Yes we are. Dale and Ryan are Veterans and Dale is also a Firefighter. Dale also has his application in for most interesting man in the universe. Eric, our third co-founder is a serial entreprenuer who runs a massage therapy business on the side. 

Is it Bold Shampoo or Manpoo?

Great question. It’s…both. We originally called our shampoo “Manpoo” because we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we’re always up for a good laugh. We’re changing the offical name to Bold Shampoo but for now the bottles still say Manpoo. We’ll still refer to it as Manpoo from time to time but the next batch of shampoo will be say bold shampoo on the label. Feel free to call it Manpoo if you ever need a good chuckle.

Do you offer gift boxes?

We currently don’t but if you’re in need I’m sure we can figure something out. Shoot us a message and we’ll see if we can hook you up. We typically have extras during the holidays and they’re pretty darn spiffy we do say so ourself. 

Do you offer discounts to Veterans, Firefighters, Police and other first responders?

YES! We offer discounts to all these people. PLUS we give a discount to teachers as well. If this is you, send us a message with some kind of proof and we’ll hook you up. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO!!