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PRESS. Click to see some awesome NMR content from people we’d like to have a beer with. 

Thanks to Soldier Systems for being straight up awesome. Oh, and thanks for posting our newest teaser: This Body wash Saves Lives!

It’s especiall cool to see Military Spouses hooking up their guys with NMR’s shower experience!

B to B is a cool lifestyle blog that checked out NMR a while back. We especially like their support of #Vetreprenuers! 

Hey ReleaseWire, we think you’re pretty cool too. Thanks for helping us get the good word out about NMR!

Super cool of Cher at the Sticky Apron to hook her followers up with the Revolution! Ladies we couldn’t do this without you!

Military Spouses are some of the coolest people we’ve ever met. Here’s some love from Susan who’s a big fan of NMR’s bold scents!