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Get the most out of NMR’s products and grooming in general.

Why use NMR?

For us, the first thing was that we were tired of using harsh chemicals on our body. Main stream brands have the same harsh cleansers and caustic chemicals as car wash soap…that’s not cool. Those harsh cleansers actually damage the skin and the scalp. They can even make guys lose their hair by stripping natural oils and turning their scalp into a dried up wasteland. Main stream brands don’t want you to know that. Our products clean while not stripping your hair. Instead, NMR’s Bold Shampoo fortifies your hair with vitamin B5 and pure essential oils. Our body wash cleans and replinishes vital nutrients to the skin instead of irritating it.


That’s right, we’re seriously telling you to use LESS. We pack our products with concentrated essential oils that clean, hydrate and replenish. You only need a quarter size dab of our Bold shampoo and about double that for the body wash per use. Quality over quantity is the name of the game here. NMR is high quality and every drop goes a long way. Our products are packed with coconut based cleansers and essential oils…so you’ll feel (and will actually be) clean instead of just covering up odors. 

SKIP days with Shampoo…

Also, consider skipping a day or two between shampoo uses. Most guys only need shampoo after an intense amount of sweating or when hair starts to feel oily. Every other day or every third day should do. Stimulating your scalp is hugely important too so on the other days use, “Firepower,” our cleansing conditioner (coming soon). This will maintain the overall health of your hair and scalp, add essential nutrients and most of all….we guarantee that you will see and feel a difference.

What about the Price?

As for price, If you join the club you’ll save even more. With a membership, you can even skip an order if you don’t need any that cycle. Even if you don’t subscribe, our prices are pretty darn good considering the quality of our products. Most products of this quality sell for $25 or more a bottle. We’re beating that by a long shot and guys appreciate it. We also offer free shipping on orders over $20…just because.

We just love being honest and giving it to you straight.

These are our perspectives from using the products ourselves for the last few years and from hearing testimonials from our customers. At the end of the day, we’re here for you even if you don’t buy. Our blog is here to help our friends live the most fulfilling personal and professional life possible. You can message us anytime if you’re looking to run ideas by us about your mission in life. We love hearing from customers and enjoy helping them talk through their passions and their ideas on how to serve others while enjoying the ride. Also, we give back to Veterans, first responders and cancer foundations. So part of your purchase goes to helping out those awesome organizations.
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