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New Man Revolution was the missing part of my hygiene routine. I had no idea that a natural solution to my hair care and body wash could make such a big difference! I’m genuinely excited to use the shampoo purely because of the way it makes me feel afterwards. I can’t recommend this product enough!

Kim Haskell

Manpoo is wonderful! It’s unlike any other men’s shampoos i’ve ever smelled. It isn’t pungent or trying too hard….it just makes my boyfriend smell sexy and masculine

Kathleen Murphy

NMR has distilled the essence of what a Man’s product should be-nature’s finest ingredients in bold and perfect proportions. The scent of Going Commando got my attention but the bold shower experience was the hook. Most importantly, my girl gets excited by the smell.

Titus Amundson

Hello! I began purchasing from New Man Revolution after seeing videos and posts on social media. I have to tell you though, I am not the kind of person who puts a lot of thought into shampoos and body washes. I typically purchase what’s on sale because let’s be honest, they’re all the same! Well, that’s not the case with New Man Revolution! The products provide sharp fragrances that cut through the air like an axe blade cutting through firewood. The all natural oils enliven the senses and leave you refreshed and energized to start the day. These products keep my man smelling fresh whether he’s been roping steers all day or closing deals in the boardroom. I think it’s safe to say that you don’t get this from any other types of products sold at your local store, plus it’s always great to know that a portion of the proceeds go to charity. If you haven’t tried their products, you should. You won’t be disappointed! I now only purchase Matt’s Manpoo and Body Wash from New Man Revolution!
Tessa Smith (& Matt)

If you were like me, you might not have given a lot of consideration to the type of shampoo or conditioner you buy. However, New Man Revolution’s products are something I can really get behind, not only for the great scent and fresh feeling, but as a veteran myself, I really appreciate the fact that they give back and help out our brother’s and sister’s in arms. I’m a customer for life and I recommend NMR to all my friends
Josh Davis

Manpoo is not only a hilarious play on words but it smells great too. With all of the shampoos targeted towards women, it’s refreshing to have a manly product that contains all natural ingredients and smells awesome! Overall, I give these products a 5 out of 5 rating.
Andrew Smith

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